Portfolio: Mother Nature Network

Building the world’s top environmental site from scratch.

MNN.com (Mother Nature Network), was ranked as the most visited environmental website in the world (non-governmental) by Alexa for more than a decade. Narrative developed it from scratch and was responsible for all aspects of the site’s operations.

A key factor in the website’s success was its unique approach to content development. Created by a team of award-winning journalists, content was designed for a mainstream audience – easy to understand, engaging, and non-political. It went beyond traditional green issues like electric cars and recycling to encompass all aspects of everyday life – from new studies on nature to healthy eating, raising a family, and living fuller lives with less.

MNN was acquired by IAC’s Dotdash in 2020 along with its sister site, Treehugger.

Creative Content Engine

MNN writers and editors specialize in covering science, health, tech, business, family, food, and lifestyle through a green lens. With deep expertise in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, they excel at identifying and covering trends quickly and taking complicated scientific concepts and dry data and reframing the information in engaging and easy to understand packages.

Making CSR Personal and Compelling Through Video, Graphics, Interactives, and Animation

Since 2009, Narrative has specialized in CSR and ESG content creation. The MNN sponsor and creative teams have collaborated with some of the world’s leading brands on their ESG and CSR initiatives, helping to raise awareness, shift perceptions, and reinforce their commitment to their employees, their communities, their customers, and the environment.

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